Artist Statement

Hi! I've been creative all of my life, but started producing work in earnest about 16 years ago when I painted my first furniture piece. When I was 31 years old, I went through a personal transformation resulting in an intense desire to make art. Although I take part time jobs here and there, I spend the majority of my time in the studio, working towards the next show. My expressive work is the result of my intuition, love of color, form, nature and the animal world. Everything I do, from jewelry holders, to every ceramic piece, has layers of color, which is how I see the world, both internal and external.
I own two kilns and a potters wheel and I am fortunate to have a home studio here in Eugene, Oregon.
Lately, I've been making my own stencils and using them in conjunction with my painting style on the jewelry holders with my hand made drawer pulls attached. Aside from the mesh and metal that I buy for the holders, everything is made here in my studio. I use quality paint, prime surfaces that need it and everything is constructed to last, which is hard to find in the commercial market these days.
I also continue to construct animals for the home and garden and although I make many of the same items (such as cats, crows and badgers) each is individually sculpted and unique. All of my pieces are fired twice and I use underglazes on pieces before the first fire, then glaze again for the final fire to cone 6.
I sell my work here on Etsy, at fine art and craft fairs all over the Pacific Northwest. My can also be found in Marilyn Affolter Fine art in McMinnville, OR, Willamina Merchants in Willamina OR,  and Sidestreet Arts in Portland, OR.

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